Health care.
We care!

Be Smart. Save Lives. Bring quality health care to every place, every location.

Don’t lose your chance to save lives

Epicar wants to radically change the way how the communication in the old telemedicine generation worked.
To eliminate a physical distance and ensure full-hearted expert doctor´s “presence” in remote locations as if he/she would be present.

To bring quality health care to every home, every location.

How it all started

Epicar is a spinoff from Epicit, who has made made augmented reality solutions and applications for industry and medicine sectors since 2010. We have made smart glass software for marketing, education and industry maintenance applications. In 2015 we came up with the idea of creating a next generation telemedicine solution using our technical expertise on smart glasses and augmented reality.

We have a great multidisciplinary team of experts working on technology and business model. See our profiles below…

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